Our Story

Delta Bookkeeping & Tax was originally founded in 1962 by Mr. Wade Hammond, he successfully provided Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts. Hammond retired at 84 years old in 2017 after hiring a broker to help him find the right fit to take over his well established business, which he so dearly called, "his family and friends, not clients"; he then chose Vicky and David Whitman.

On January 1st, 2018, the Whitman's officially took on the privilege to serving the community with the utmost respect and integrity. Vicky Whitman has over 10 years of tax experience and David Whitman is an natural expert at business administration.

They both agreed to keep Po, the bookkeeper and payroll specialist who had
faithfully worked with Mr. Hammond since 1995. 

Mr. Whitman sat under Po, training for the next year and a half until she decided to retire.

The Whitman's took the knowledge of Po and Mr. Hammond and smoothed into a very seamless transition. In the past year and a half, they have created bonds and friendships with their clients, and look forward to continuing the great legacy of this company.